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California Fisheries Fund

CFF transition announcement: We're excited to be working toward a hand-off of operations to another lender and we look forward to officially announcing the details soon! The California Fisheries Fund was started in 2008 to provide loans to West Coast fishing communities to support sustainable commercial fishing. The fund has lent out nearly $4.8 million over nine years, helping young fishermen enter the industry, supporting new community quota banks and lending to a diverse fishing fleet. Giving CFF a new home will allow for increased lending to California fishermen and seafood businesses, and integration into a broader sustainable food systems lending program. The time is right to hand CFF off to another mission-based regional lending institution to carry this work forward. Having received approval from our partner, the California Ocean Protection Council, we are now working with Northern California Community Loan Fund to execute the transfer. We'll keep you posted here about our progress. Please reach out with any questions to Phoebe Higgins, Director.

This brief paper (pdf) offers insight into our work and our lessons learned over the past five years. Check out these three videos to hear our story.

Investing in Sustainable Fishing

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