Who We Are


The Fisheries Business Network (FBN) is an informal network of fishermen, processors, distributors, retailers, restaurant owners, and others working together to increase the profitability and sustainability of fishing through:

  • improved communications and business practices
  • improvements to fisheries management
  • marketing of sustainable fishing and products


CFF, Environmental Defense Fund, fishermen, and other industry representatives launched FBN as a resource to help improve the economic sustainability of California fisheries.

How Can I Get Involved with the FBN?

  • Get on the FBN email list to learn about upcoming events and information. Email info@californiafisheriesfund.org with the subject heading “FBN news” to sign up.
  • Help spread the word about FBN, CFF, and sustainable fishing options to other members of your community.


For more information contact info@californiafisheriesfund.org